Big Bay Blouberg Beach dog walking petition

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Petitioning: Local City Council Blouberg

Petitioner: Ann started on April 6, 2011

Big Bay Blouberg Beach dog walking petition

The City Council is taking a very heavy handed approach to any dogs found not to be on a leash and heavy fines are being imposed. This is effective on all beaches, but they are specifically targeting Blouberg all the way to Melkbos.

Whilst I understand that certain people do not like dogs, the vast majority of people who use that stretch of beach, do so specifically to walk their dogs.

It is essential for dogs to be able to swim, socially interact and play. Leashing them denies them this right and has been proven to make them more vicious.

Whilst there have been the rare occurences of misbehaved dogs, the vast majority of dogs enjoy the beach amicably and their owners are responsible.

Rather than not allow dogs this freedom of walk, my proposal is to allow unleashed dogs to the right of the rocks at Big Bay during certain hours of the day. 06:30-09:00 would be my suggestion as the majority of people on the beach at this time are dog walkers and people who run with their dogs. An afternoon session should also be investigated - maybe 17:00-18:00.

Please sign this petition and give dogs their freedom!