Ban China-made Products

  29 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: U.S Government, Stores, Supermarkets

Petitioner: Marrissa Miller started on February 8, 2009

We really have to ban China-made products. From clothes to toys, what we get are the toxic substance in the products we purchase. Yes it is cheap, but the quality must meet the minimum requirements. I am wondering why the U.S government allows these contaminated Chinese-made products to enter U.S. The colorant on the toys are harmful to health especially for the children. Very low quality of clothes get burnt easily and milk product contains high in melamine!

Cheap Chinese-made products should be controled and some should be banned from the market! The U.S citizen should support local made products as the quality is far better and if we support local-made, the economy will be better.

Boycott Chinese-made products, support the local-made!