amnesty and re-instation for Zwelinzima Vavi

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Petitioning: Cosatu, ANC, Parliment

Petitioner: started on December 17, 2013

amnesty and re-instation for Zwelinzima Vavi

This is for the amnesty and forgiveness of cosatu commander and chief Zwelinzima Vavi, we don't see why this has to drag this long on, he has given all south african people a second chance at a financial freedom via surplus and all financial advice for South Africa as a Nation and country! His contribution to our continued success as a country in every way is sadly missed! His is one of SA greatest leaders and he still has a lot to do for his country and for a nation, let us not be threatened by him, rather embrace him.

Let us not forget one of the biggest mistakes the US made by killing the Clinton Administration and empowering the Bush Administration, this has to date its Reminders and Financial implications.

Mr. Vavi is one of South Africa's most original thinkers, He is a Humble Leader, he is Innovator and a Pioneer of his Time. He has structured one of the best union workforces he has contributed to the informal trading sector, he has over delivered in every aspect.

This is a time to think of our Country and our Nation and it is clear as daylight South Africa and Cosatu needs him more than ever.

My name is Leon Lincoln, I have a social responsibility to My country and people! We need Mr. Vavi

Assuring my best at all times.