Afghan's anti drug trafficking petition

  16 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: All persons of goodwill

Petitioner: Kalisha Covell started on March 6, 2009

Afghanistan produces 90% of all the opium in the world. Numerous efforts have been made to stop this utterly illegal trade without much result. This opium is not used in Afghan by Afghans, but rather by the Western world which claims to support efforts to restore the country back to its feet.

The firs thing the West needs to do is see to it that this trade is stopped, and better ways of generating income for the country are developed.

I am appealing to everyone to support the campaign to boycott all drugs from this ravaged country. Otherwise, all efforts geared towards restoration of the country are all futile.

Let's campaign against opium from Afghanistan. This will help rebuild the country.

Thanks for your support!