Add clan support to League of Legends

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Petitioning: Riot Games

Petitioner: R3coiler started on April 15, 2011

Add clan support to League of Legends

We, the devoted players of League of Legends, are petitioning Riot Games to develop clan support for the game. We feel that adding official features and support to the gaming communities and clans of this game would enhance our experience greatly.

This support for clans can take many forms, and any or all of the ways to support clans would be appreciated. Some of these ideas are:

-Clan tags
-In game groups for clans to join
-Private persistent chat channels
-Clan vs clan matches
-Rankings and leaderboards for clans
-Showcasing of various gaming communities or LoL clans on League of Legends website ("Clan of the week")

Because League of Legends is a team game where communication and coordination are critical, playing with friends leads to better gameplay. League of Legends is also a video game and social experience, one which is better enjoyed in the company of friends. For these reasons, many gaming communities and clans have sprung up around this game. The players of League of Legends have benefited from forming communities already. Now, they would further benefit greatly from having official support from the developers of the game.

On behalf of those LoL players already in a clan and those who would like to be, those who value community, and those players that appreciate greater social experience in League of Legends, we request clan support for League of Legends. Riot Games, please help support your gaming communities in this way.