A federal probe of the California Administrative Office of the Courts

  15 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: The FBI, U.S. Attorney in California & Joint Legislative Audit Committee

Petitioner: started on July 28, 2011

California's judicial system is experiencing a constitutional crisis. A small group of appointees has taken over California's judicial branch and is grossly mismanaging it, causing courthouses to shut down and people to lose their jobs so that the California Administrative Office of the Courts can spend between $300.00-$2500.00 changing light bulbs, $8,000.00 to remove gum off the sidewalk or $409.00 to change a clock battery. It is further alleged and appears that the people doing this work are not licensed to do so and that those in the AOC were aware of this.

It did not stop these government officials that are hiding behind the robes of the judiciary from knowingly contracting with the unlicensed entities and overpaying them tens of millions of dollars over the course of five years. Worse, the AOC has re-entered into a contract with one of these entities

Meanwhile, courts across the state are experiencing deep cuts in their own budgets to pay for this mess which is closing courts, courtrooms and causing people to get laid off so that the AOC can continue to misspend public money.

The Administrative Office of the Courts has positioned themselves above all law, without transparency or accountability with predictable results.

This petition seeks a federal probe of the Administrative Office of the Courts construction programs since the Administrative office of the Courts uses separation of powers at a state level to stave off any and all state probes.

This petition also demands an immediate forensic audit of the AOC's Office of Court Construction & Management from the Joint Legislative Audit Committee of the State Legislature going back to the inception of the facilities maintenance contracts with an eye on looking for construction contracting irregularities.

Enough is enough. Court workers and the public deserve better. They deserve a thorough investigation and accounting for all monies spent in this program and if there were violations of the law, the people demand violators be brought to justice.