40% by 2020

  1 (Goal: 10,000)

Petitioning: The Speaker and Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly.

Petitioner: Love 40% started on May 13, 2010

40% by 2020

This year the ACT Government will decide on a target
for CO2 emission reduction for 2010. They are
considering cuts between 25% and 40%.

Despite the recommendation of its own standing committee to
adopt a target of 40%, without a groundswell of popular support for
this target the government is likely to take the easy option and
commit to a smaller target. With our children's climate at stake,
anything less than a 40% cut is insufficient.

With the failure of the Copenhagen Conference and the scrapping
of Australia's proposed emission trading system, the responsibility
for tackling climate change has been shifted from the global and
the national to the local. With no heavy industry and an active and
concerned citizenry, Canberra is uniquely placed to tackle the
challenge of climate change.

By moving now, Canberra will benefit by developing the skills and
expertise that will make us leaders in the clean technology world of
the future. We will be safeguarding not only our future climate but
also the local economy and with it local jobs.

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